Strengthening of the “Jardín de la montaña” (kindergarten)

Strengthening of the “Jardín de la montaña” (kindergarten)

Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires.

We are working on the expansion and organizational strengthening of the «Jardín de la Montaña» (kindergarten).

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Diego Gil

Paula Stella

Actors involved

Nonprofit organization “Los Amigos”, Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSaM), MARSH S.A., HENKEL, Barbieri S.A., TRANSENER and volunteers from Engineering Without Borders Argentina.

What we are doing now

We are working to strengthen the «Jardín de la Montaña», a community educational space run by the non-profit organization «Los Amigos» in Sarmiento neighborhood, José León Suárez, District of San Martín.  This kindergarten, which hosts 40 children from 1 to 3 years old, is the only early childhood educational center in the neighborhood. In addition, there is a soup kitchen that provides educational assistance and a variety of artistic and recreational activities. There is also a legal advice and mediation center for local residents. The project includes the building extension of the kindergarten and the implementation of organizational improvements to strengthen the non-profit organization «Los Amigos».

Why we are doing this

The non-profit organization «Los Amigos» works in an area with multiple socio-environmental problems, such as pollution, structural poverty and unemployment. Many families are highly socially vulnerable. They undergo a series of constraints that have a direct impact on children, such as precarious employment, drug abuse, and parents under legal confinement. All these factors are obstacles for children and teenagers to access rights such as health, education, sports, recreation and others. With this in mind, the organization offers a space for the support and promotion of fundamental rights regarding the development of children and teenagers in the neighborhood.

With this project we:

  • Encourage the social impact of the «Jardín de la Montaña» in the community;
  • Improve the conditions in which the kindergarten activities are developed;
  • Provide an installed capacity for the sustainability and growth of the organization.