Our mission is:
To help build a fair, inclusive, and supportive society by developing comprehensive technology-based projects.
To promote sustainable, human-development-oriented engineering as well as the fulfillment of human rights, the protection of nature, and the strengthening of deprived and vulnerable communities.
To foster an environment which integrates diversity and encourages citizen involvement.


EWB-Argentina considers it is possible to live in a fair, inclusive and supportive world, where communities can freely build their own future respecting nature, diversity and human rights.


EWB-Argentina has built a space that celebrates diversity and shares a framework of common values which guide our actions:
We have an interdisciplinary approach, because we believe that contributions coming from different standpoints provide us with a wider range of tools for problem solving.  Similarly, we promote interculturalism: the creative and productive dialog between different cultures, experiences and ways of living.
We support equity, social justice and equal opportunities, with no social, religious, ethnic, or gender distinction.  We are not related to any political party or religious association.
We believe in community development and provide support to people in a vulnerable situation.  We consider that solidarity necessary implies respecting people and promoting their autonomy.
We are driven by commitment, honesty and freedom.  We promote reciprocity and joint work, and strongly object to subordination or dependence.
We aim at sustainability. This means we try to satisfy current needs without putting at risk the satisfaction of the future generations’ needs.