Education and work at Ezeiza prison

Education and work at Ezeiza prison

Ezeiza, Buenos Aires.

We are designing a space for educational, leisure and working activities for young adult women that are deprived of their liberty at Ezeiza prison

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María Hernandez

Actors involved

National Directorate of Social Rehabilitation of the Under Secretariat of affairs of the judicial system and Commissioner of Prisons – Ministry of Justice and EWB-Ar volunteers.

What we are doing

The project has multiple dimensions, on one hand we are skill training young adult women deprived of their liberty; one the other hand, we are extending the existing room and building a classroom. We will carry out this project together with the young women that are in the mentioned prison, it being a process of training on construction skills and team work.


Approximately 600 women deprived of their liberty live together at the Federal Prison Complex No. IV in Ezeiza. Current legislation prevents the young inmates to share spaces with those detainees over 21 years old. Since there are no exclusive spaces for these young women, there are currently 25 young women deprived of their liberty that are restricted to roam about within the prison and don´t have access to educational, leisure, and working activities.

With this project we

  • Contribute to the young adult women deprived of their liberty´s right to education and right to work.
  • Build a space for educational, leisure, and working activities for these young adult women.
  • Promote women social inclusion by training them in construction projects and team work.