Community Swimming Pool in Bernal

Community Swimming Pool in Bernal

Bernal, Quilmes, Buenos Aires.

We are working on the construction of a community swimming pool in Bernal Oeste, Quilmes.

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Laureano Corvalán

Luciana Margiotta

Yamil Calahonra

Diego Gil Ogliastri

Amelia Russo

Santiago Pugliese

David Villanueva

Carolina Gerez

Matías Arias

Andres Loggia

Gonzalo Ferreira

Irene Malo

Actors involved

Sociedad de Fomento Barrio 25 de Mayo, Creadores de Sueño civil association, Creciendo con vos civil association, San Cayetano, Papa Francisco, Chapecoense, Esperanza Grande, Luz del Alma, Zapatillas Gastadas, Jorge Novak, Principito children’s home, Rivera de Bernal, San Pedro y San Pablo, Escuela Secundaria nº38 high school, the community of 25 de mayo neighborhood, Henkel, Municipality of Quilmes and EWB-Ar volunteers.

What we are doing

We are participating in the construction of a community swimming pool for more than 1000 children and teenagers that go to different neighborhood associations.


Contact with water stimulates both respiratory and automotive development and it also improves socialization, autonomy and control over one’s own body and its limits. The children and teenagers from Bernal Oeste, Quilmes, do not have the possibility to swim nor to learn how to do it. Having a local sports area with these characteristics will improve the quality of these children’s and teenager’s lives and that of the community in general.

With this project we:

  • Offer a space destined to health and sports to a community that currently has no access to it.
  • Stimulate the comprehensive development of children and teenagers that includes swimming, working in groups and game playing.
  • Strengthen the ties between the community, the schools, the families and the social associations in order to generate continuity in the creation of proposals destined to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.