Building of a Residence Hall

Building of a Residence Hall
Casilda, Santa Fe.

We are building a residence hall in Casilda, province of Santa Fe.

0 young people


Dolores Molina

Francisco Odeón

Actors involved

National Association of Civil Engineering Students (ANEIC, for its acronym in Spanish), Gerdau Argentina, Fundación Sí, and Engineering Without Borders Argentina.

What we are doing

We are working as technical directors in the building of a residence hall belonging to Fundación Sí in the city of Casilda, province of Santa Fe, so that more young persons can have access to university studies. The residence hall will have a kitchen/dining-area, a study room, two rooms, and a service area with an adapted bathroom and a partly open gallery.


Young people who have completed high school and live in rural areas or far from urban centers have limited educational and employment opportunities. At the same time, the long distances from their places of origin to the study centers, as well as insufficient income, make it difficult for them to access higher education. Having accommodation and an entire support system (food, travel expenses, study materials, medical assistance) enables young people to have access to and remain at the university. Thanks to this residence, the right to higher education of more young people will be safeguarded, so that they can become active players in the local development of their communities and inspire others who also wish to continue studying.

With this project we will

  • Facilitate young people’s access to university education.
  • Improve the quality of life of more young persons from rural areas and their families.
  • Promote development opportunities in rural communities.
  • Work in partnership with other civil society organizations and businesses.