Water Supply in «San Antonio» Community

Water Supply in «San Antonio» Community

San Antonio, Santiago del Estero.

We are working to facilitate access to water in a rural community of Santiago del Estero.

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Maria Hernandez

Adan Levy

Actors involved

Ministry of National Development, Commissioner of Santos Lugares, San Antonio Community, School No 351 / JI No 727 of inicial and primary education, Dignamente, “El Negrito” community, Marsh S.A and ISF-Ar volunteers.

What we are doing 

We are designing a rain water collection system, with roofs and cisterns for storage for San Antonio’s community. The job is going to be executed with the community, training some of its inhabitants for the construction.


San Antonio is an isolated 86-person community, with no access to basic services such as access to drinking water, dignified housing, energy provision, medical assistance (Chagas disease is wildly spread) and transportation. The main worry of its inhabitants are the difficulties in the provision of drinking water. Currently, it is provided by a cistern truck, from dams distributed along the place and from 5 wells with low quality water, which should be only for animal consumption. The lack of access to safe water represents a high risk for people’s health. The WHO recommends a minimum provision of 20 liters per person per day to diminish the risk of water linked diseases, while in this community each person has less than 4 liters per day.

With this project we

  • Achieve autonomy for the families regarding water provision
  • Leave installed capacity in constructive tasks within the community
  • Favour the development of the community and collaboration between families