Workshop on Safety and Electrical Installations

Workshop on Safety and Electrical Installations

Villa 20, Buenos Aires City.

We provided the neighbors with training on electrical security notions.

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Roque Marfil, Eng.

Roberto Saunero, Eng.

What we have done

We organized a workshop in which we shared basic technical concepts and instructional materials with the neighbors. The workshop ended with practices at their homes to improve their own electrical installations.  We also worked together with the neighbors on the improvement of the electrical installation of a local community dining center, taking into account security and technical requirements to reduce electrical risks.


Villa 20 is the fourth biggest shantytown in the City of Buenos Aires.  19000 people live there and they have been exposed to a precarious housing situation for decades.  In a recent study, it was found out that electrical installations lack security, which constituted one of their biggest problems.

With this project we

  • Trained the neighbors by means of “live workshops” aimed at diagnosing and developing theoretical concepts and practical application.
  • Improved electrical security and conditions in the neighborhood and reduce electrical risks.
  • Promoted integration among neighbors by sharing a space for training and practice.
  • Boosted the bond between EWB-Ar and local community and promote joint work.