Vehicular Bridge across Stream “Las Piedras”

Vehicular Bridge across Stream “Las Piedras”

Florencio Varela and Quilmes, Buenos Aires’ province.

We are working on the construction of a vehicular bridge across the stream “Las Piedras” on the limits between Florencio Varela and Quilmes.

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Francisco Odeón

Anacarla Ferrero

Juan Martín Di Franco

Álvaro González

Evelyn Srockzynski

Actors Involved

Neighbors commission from “El Molino” neighborhood, Municipality of Quilmes, Municipality of Florencio Varela, National Technology University, La Plata Regional School, University of Buenos Aires – Engineer Faculty, National Water Institute, Bosch Argentina, Pentaka S.A., Marsh S.A. and EWB-Ar volunteers.

What we have done

We built a new bridge for vehicles that allows the safe crossing of the neighbors from “El Molino” and “Los Eucaliptus” neighborhoods.


The stream “Las Piedras”, which is the limit between Quilmes and Florencio Varela districts, rises during the rainy season, leaving the families isolated.  The previous bridge, which was built by the neighbors, was below the flood level and this forces neighbors to cross the stream by foot or to move in search for safer crossings to get to work or school.  During the last few years, four people, two children among them, died because of this problem.

With this project we will

  • Prevent deadly accidents.
  • Facilitate the access of neighbors to work and school during the rainy season.
  • Strengthen the neighborhood’s community development, involving the neighbors in the solution.