Strengthening of the Printing Plant in Devoto Prison

Strengthening of the Printing Plant in Devoto Prison

Devoto Prison, City of Buenos Aires.

We worked in the assistance and technical counseling of “Esquina Libertad” cooperative printing workshop, which is made up of inmates.

0 Volunteers


Adan Levy, Eng.

Mariano Cerella, Graphic Designer

Actors involved

Devoto Universitary Center professors, “Esquina Libertad” Cooperative members and EWB-Ar volunteers.

What we have done

The project includes giving access to the people involved to theoretical and practical tools by an interdisciplinary working team. Such tools may strengthen the working project they develope, giving solidity and integrity to the productive enterprise of printing services. Thus, an intervention is proposed based on the potential capabilities of the inmates. For such purpose we carried out 4 lines of action:
  • Training.
  • Development of an economic plan.
  • Infrastructure and equipment.
  • Consolidation.


The issue on employment and social integration of people who spent part of their lives imprisoned is complex and many times invisible to society. This Cooperative started as an alternative to stigmatization for those who experience social exclusion and vulnerability. This project, then, aims at going back to life outside prison in better conditions by acquiring abilities and learning a job thus encouraging the development of an alternative to crime.

With this project we

  • Helped to get funds for the project.
    • Made it possible to purchase and install proper equipment and technology products.
    • Highlighted all the difficulties inmates face.
    • Strengthened social and personal relationships among inmates.
    • Encouraged the construction of a dignified, responsible, and significant life alternative.
    • Promoted dignity by working, valuing self-management and autonomy.
    • Enabled installed capacity and working space in the Cooperative.