Extension of Kindergarten in Quilmes

Extension of Kindergarten in Quilmes

Villa La Florida, Quilmes, Gran Buenos Aires (GBA).

Together with different organizations and institutions, we carried out a project for the extension of Kindergarten No. 4, in Villa La Florida, Quilmes.

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Guillermo Poltarak

María Hernandez

Francisco Odeon

Josefina Gonzalez

Laureano Corvalan

Actors involved

Educational community of Kindergarten No. 4 from La Florida, Undersecretary of Education of Quilmes Municipality, Club de Leones Quilmes Villa La Florida, Club Leo Los Quilmes, Technical High School No. 3 from San Francisco Solano, Engineers Without Borders-Switzerland (IngOG), Marsh, Kalop, JG Electricidad, Mehcco, Penta-Ka and EWB-Ar volunteers.

What we have done

We built a multi-purpose room so that children and teachers could have an appropriate space for their daily activities at school, and also to expand the educational offerings. The Municipality of Quilmes continues with the work as of completion of the project.


Villa La Florida is a neighborhood where families live in a vulnerable situation, and the availability of kindergartens is limited. Every day, 80 children of around 5 years of age attend the Municipal Center for Childhood Education and Care «La Florida», which had limited space for the classes.  Furthermore, on rainy days, activities were restricted to a small covered space. This project sought to improve the daily conditions of the children and to expand educational services in «La Florida».

With this project we

  • Expanded the educational enrollment of the kindergarten.
  • Improved the context in which the activities of the kindergarten take place.
  • Enabled the fulfillment of planned educational activities.
  • Promoted collaborative alliances between different institutions and organizations.