Electrical installation in the community center in Monte Grande

Electrical installation in the community center in Monte Grande


Monte Grande, Buenos Aires.


We worked in the electrical installation of the community center «Dejando Huellas» in the neighborhood of La Nango, in Monte Grande, province of Buenos Aires, to guarantee the development of community activities in a safe framework.

0 Volunteers
0 Children and young people


Emmanuel Micheli

Mariana Gutiérrez

Maximiliano Montani

Actors Involved

Sonrisas SUMA Transporte, Heavy Service SA, MECHCCO SA, La Nango’s neighbors and Engineering Without Borders Argentina Volunteers.

What we have done

We accompanied the opening of the second social and supportive center managed by the organization SonRisas, «Dejando Huellas», working on the electrical installation. We improved the security conditions in a community space, aimed at children in the La Nango neighborhood.


La Nango is a neighborhood located in Monte Grande, Esteban Echeverría district, where more than 85 families live without basic services, in situation of social vulnerability and poor housing.
The creation of a community center constitutes a central space for support, accompaniment and new learning opportunities for children and young people in the neighborhood. There, recreation and training activities are offered, such as school support, literacy workshops, sports and snacks.
Having a safe and reliable electrical installation is fundamental to ensure the proper development of these community activities.


  • created a safe framework for the community to participate in the different activities proposed by the center.
  • provided greater security to the neighbors during the night incorporating luminaires to the public road.
  • boosted the organizational process of the opening ceremony of the center.
  • promoted joint work between different parties and civil society organizations together with the local community.
  • contributed to the strengthening of the center as a space for training, recreation, support and expression for the development of childhood.