Hot Water in Farm School, Santiago del Estero

Hot Water in Farm School, Santiago del Estero


Colonia Dora, Provincia de Santiago del Estero.


We designed and implemented a heating water system aimed at improving safety and health conditions for the school’s population.

0 Volunteers


Agustin Lohigorry

Actors involved

Headmaster, teachers and students from the Avellaneda Farm School, Colectando Sol, Herrería Scheri, CEDA (Centro Esperanza de Argentinos), individual donors, ADIMRA and EWB-Ar volunteers.

What we have done

We worked on the implementation of a hybrid system (solar energy and dry biomass) to provide more than 100 children who attend the school with hot water.  Water will be heated by an efficient combustion Rocket heater, together with solar thermal collectors built by students, in order to create a safer and self-sustainable environment, and optimize the use of resources.


The Avellaneda Farm Family School LL 156 is a public, community managed secondary school. This school operates under an alternating system where students live in the establishment for two weeks and then return home to implement what they learned during that time. At the school, students are currently using a low-efficiency wood-burning stove to heat water for their personal hygiene.

With this project we:

  • Improved students’ safety and health conditions at school.
  • Reduced firewood consumption by using alternative energy sources.
  • Generated a self-sustainable proposal.